Semna van Ooy



Biography of Semna van Ooy

Crashes, glitches and random hits, the pictures and drawings of Semna van Ooy arise during the creation. It's a matter of act, look and respond that Van Ooy appreciates in collage techniques. She looks for the discovery of by catch, and allows as much as possible the unforeseen. The work involves the tension between construction and chance. The works revolve around the questions: ‘What is the context?’, ‘What chance would you allow?’ ‘If you grab at and where is the moment you stop’. The blunder and the corrections are part of the work.

Often the reason for her work is in dissecting motion; in fragments of films, frozen in motion pictures and works of old masters. Such as the bullfighters etching by Francisco Goya are of inspiration to Van Ooy. She is particularly interested in the analysis of the movements, collisions and crashes and much less in the subject itself, as the drama of the dead bull by Goya. The clashes we see in the Accidental Drawings. They are (re)constructions of events on paper. In the images is also a motion felt, sometimes at least such as the rotation of the head relative to the shoulder, or more explicitly in the rhythm of a walking motion.