This year there was no need to look for reasons to draw the attention of the Dutch and international art-loving public to the work of Masha Trebukova again: they already exist. I shall name a few. The first could be that this year celebrates the 300-year-long relationship between Masha’s native country of Russia and the Netherlands, her adopted country. Another extremely pleasing reason arises from Masha’s recent meeting with Sara… And a third reason is the publication by Atalanta Pers of a unique book about Masha Trebukova. This publisher's editions are conspicuous for their high quality content and exceptional design; many have become rare collector’s items.

It was also an honour for us to invite Atalanta Pers to have a special book edition published for a planned exhibition of Masha Trebukova's recent work. Under the title “Uit de Leegte” (Out of the Void) René Bakker from Atalanta Pers has written a superb dissertation on the artist and her work.