Since the 1960's Anna Lenz and her husband have built a magnificent collection of the art of the Group ZERO. She has travelled across Europe together with the photographer Roswitha Pross and the art historian Ulrike Schmitt to conduct 20 interviews and ask the partners and wives of artists (incl. Ute Mack, Christine Uecker, Antje von Graevenitz) about their lives. These women, some of whom are artists themselves, speak with great openness about their own trajectories, their families and their relations with their men.The kaleidoscope of reports about their lives constitutes a chapter of art, and a piece of contemporary history.

The first days of July mark the start of

ZERO: Let Us Explore The Stars
the most extensive and important ZERO exhibition in fifty years in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

We are very proud that Anna Lenz, principal collector of ZERO and author of
STRONG WOMEN FOR ART, will launch her book with a book signing and lecture
at Borzo gallery.

4 July at 4 PM