On May 14, 2016 the new SF MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco) will open. Behind the existing building (by architect Mario Botta, 1995) a new building arrised, built by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta.

Claudy Jongstra is asked to produce a mural piece (approximately 80 square meters). She is the first to start the series "ten-year-Mural Program." Colour pigments from minerals are her main inspiration source, they refer to the past of San Francisco as gold mining area. For this, she has worked with students to investigate how minerals can be used to give color to fabric. The fifth floor will be home to an outdoor sculpture terrace and the site-specific work by Claudy Jongstra. The SF MoMA is known for its open vision towards new art forms.

Images: Exhibition Claudy Jongstra "Seele" in 2014 at Borzo and Claudy Jongstra & Marc Mulders at Borzo in 2008.