BorzoGallery is pleased to participate in Art Rotterdam 2019, showing paintings by Ronald Zuurmond (* 1964) and sculptures by Henk Visch (* 1950), two artists who share a somewhat surrealistic image of people.

Coincidence and technique form the basis for both artists. Zuurmond does not paint what he remembers, he paints until he remembers. Visch also has no preconceived plan when he begins an image; the work is like a story whose plot is only formed when it is told.

A wall is devoted to drawings that Zuurmond made in the month of August of 2018. Every day that Ronald Zuurmond works in his studio for the last few months, he makes one drawing of the plant that has been there for years. As an exercise, as a conceptual act too. 22 drawings in August, all dated, by way of 'Journal'.

Opening hours
6 February | 1pm - 10pm; preview (invitation only)
7 - 10 February | 11am - 7pm

Van Nellefabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044BC Rotterdam