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Privacystatement Borzo Kunsthandel B.V. 


This privacy statement tells you which personal information we collect when you enter into an agreement with us, use our website or provide us with your personal information yourself.
The privacy statement states why we collect this information and what we do with it. It is important to us that your data is handled with care and we ensure that the personal information you provide is treated in confidence. To summarize, with regard to your personal data our privacy policy means that:

  • the information will only be used for as far as this is necessary for the implementation of an agreement, to comply with a legal obligation or if you have given us your written permission for the processing of your personal data;
  • the information will not be shared with others, unless this is necessary for the execution of our activities (see heading 'third parties'):
  • the information will be carefully protected.

If you have any questions not answered in this privacy statement, if you have any comments about the content or if you wish to complain about the way in which we deal with your personal data, please contact us via
This privacy statement applies to the activities of Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery and the website of Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery. Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery is not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites and sources mentioned on our website.


1. Use of personal data

When you enter into an agreement with us or when you ask us to send you a newsletter or other information, we ask you to provide personal information. We need this information in order to carry out our agreement with you or to be able to provide you with information. Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to carry out the agreement. In the case of a (legal) data retention requirement then this is the term we adhere to.


2. Communication

When you send us an email or other messages these are filed in our archive and stored in accordance with the legal data retention requirement. We sometimes ask you for personal information that is relevant to a particular situation. This is to enable your requirements to be handled and your requests to be answered.


3. Use of the website


Whenever you visit our website the technical details of your visit are recorded in so-called log files. This includes the page searched for, the (anonymised) IP address, time, browser type and so on. We do not work out who is using a particular IP address at any particular time and therefore do not trace this data to you as a person. These log files are kept for a maximum of 14 months for the purpose of analysis.



Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
Find out more about cookies and the relevant legislation at:
This website uses functional cookies that are necessary for the website to work effectively. We also use cookies for example to be able to analyse how the website is used and to improve user-friendliness.


4. Security

Our employees have a legal obligation to respect the confidentiality of your data. We also impose this obligation on third parties that we engage in the course of providing our services and carrying out our activities.


5. Inspection, alteration or removal of personal data

You have the right to ask us what personal information about you we have stored in our databases. If you consider this personal information to be (no longer) correct or complete, you can ask us to add to, improve or remove your personal data. We shall deal with requests for alterations as quickly as possible. If it is not (yet) possible to implement your request we shall inform you of the reason for this. Any such request can be sent to:


6. Third parties

Part of the provision of our services includes the engagement of third parties. If these third parties thereby have access to your data, we take the appropriate measures to ensure that your data is properly protected and is only used for the intended purpose. Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery does not under any circumstances sell your personal data to third parties.



An exception to the above is if Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery is obliged to make personal data available to a third party for legal reasons.


7. Changes

This privacy statement is in line with the use of and the possibilities of this site. Any adjustments and/or changes to this site can result in amendments to this privacy statement. We therefore advise you to refer to this privacy statement regularly.


8. Contact information

Borzo Kunsthandel B.V./BorzoGallery is responsible for this site.