Vincent Mentzel Dutch, b. 1945


Vincent Mentzel (*1945) visits the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam and is between 1967 and 1969 assistant to the theater photographer to 2010 he worked as a staff photographer for NRC Handelsblad. He publishes in (school) books, foreign newspapers and magazines The Hague Post and Holland Herald. Mentzel participates in television programs and contributes to annual reports (including ABN, Content, Wolters Kluwer, KLM) calendars, travel guides, brochures, posters and postcards. From 1980-2006 Mentzel was a board member of 1980 and 1985 a board member of the Rotterdam Art Foundation. He is also a member of the Advisory board of the Eugene Smith Foundation, the Fotomuseum Amsterdam from 2000-2010. For his work, Mentzel has been awarded a number of times with the Zilveren Camera many publications, photo albums and exhibitions to his name.