Art on Paper Amsterdam 2019: Stand 36


Drawings that do not necessarily result in a painting, but do have a right to exist outside the studio, are called Kurzstrecken by Ronald de Bloeme. It is a reference to taxi rides in Berlin, the city where he has lived and worked since 2000. For a short ride, you ask the taxi driver for a "Kurzstrecke". In his drawings De Bloeme can quickly and briefly find out what he wants and respond much more directly to what happens than when he is painting.

The idea for the "Google project" originated with scrolling through images that show the basic color of an image before they are loaded. He has captured this moment and the viewer may wonder which brand or product could emerge from it.


Rakuko Naito's Japanese influence is clearly visible in her careful method and in the used material: Kozo Washi, a Japanese type of paper. She folds, tears, rolls pieces of paper and systematically brings them together into a frame. Her handling of the paper is very unique and gives a refined end result. She has a love for seriality, light plays an important role and she is averse to giving meaning. The titles contain her initials, dimensions and a serial number.


Ronald Zuurmond starts each working day in the studio with the drawing of the Monstera (Hole Plant), the only plant he has there and has been cherishing for years. One drawing a day as a finger exercise, but also as a conceptual action, before he starts working on his paintings. Each work is accompanied by a hand-bound publication, numbered and signed, with the facsimile of the drawings shown.


Opening hours:
Thursday 26 September 18.00-21:00h (opening)
Friday 27 September 11.00-19.00h
Saturday 28 September 11.00-19.00h
Sunday 29 september 11.00-19.00h


Art on Paper Amsterdam
Zuiveringshal, Westergasfabriek

Installation Views