Art Cologne 2017: Stand A1


During Art Cologne 2017 we will show a number of beautiful reliefs and drawings by Jan Schoonhoven. In addition, we will show a large work by Herman de vries: 'unter der birke' (1989), a characteristic work from his oeuvre: with the theme of randomness and chance. Fallen birch leaves were only pinned by him to his sheet of paper where they fell from the tree.

We have works by Ewerdt Hilgemann from the 1960s, entirely in the ideas of the zero and minimal art. We also show contemporary work: his well-known 'implosion' images.
Ronald de Bloeme works with matt and high-gloss lacquer. His work is about typography, advertising and everyday urban life. Which images/visual language do we encounter and how do they influence us?

At Cologne we will also show two installations, one of which by artist Jurriaan Molenaar. His highly detailed works deal with Plato's philosophy of reality.

The installation "Cathedral", by Masha Trebukova shows us her fascination for Romanesque sculptures and visual language. In her own way she uses the technique of the mono-type. This creates unique works with their own character: kings, prophets, musicians and stories.

Installation Views