BorzoGallery is moving

In February 2006 - after a rigorous renovation and careful restoration - we opened the gallery at Keizersgracht 516. That building with its characteristic interior in the style of the New Building from around 1930 suited us perfectly: living and working in the same location. After Jory and I left the house at the beginning of this year, the need arose to move the gallery as well.
The availability of beautiful, large spaces in a beautiful building just down the road has made this decision easier. This move will take place in the coming months, after the renovation has been completed.


On 20 June, Borzo will close its doors at Keizersgracht 516 to open again after the summer, a little further on at Keizersgracht 321.
You may visit the gallery at #516 until Sunday 20 June for the exhibition 'Reality Pictured', with paintings by Jurriaan Molenaar, Koen Vermeule and Ronald Zuurmond.
Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on #321 after the summer. We will of course keep you informed in the coming months.
Paul & Jory van Rosmalen
Bas de Bruijn
June 9, 2021